Discover Supply Chain Technology Innovations

Your high quality startup and technology scouting dedicated to supply chain management technologies

Discover Supply Chain Management Innovations

Your high quality startup and technology scouting dedicated to supply chain management technologies

Supply Chain Management Startups
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The Future of Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Management Startup Handbook 2022

The Supply Chain Management Startup Handbook 2022 is a unique collection of Startups from the supply chain management ecosystem in Europe. Supply chains around the world are under immense pressure to transform into more transparent, more resilient, and more sustainable value chains. Startups are the main source of innovation and change that help to tackle theses challenges.

The Supply Chain Management Startup Handbook 2022 is a comprehensive guide through the landscape of supply chain startups and will help you to discover cutting edge technology and business model innovations.

With more than 340 startups from 27 European countries The SCM Startups Handbook 2022 provides an overview of the European logistics and supply chain management startup ecosystem.

The handbook also includes 12 expert opinions from leading industry experts on trends and technologies in supply chain management!

Learn which technology startups are shaping The Future of Supply Chain Management!

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Startup & Innovation Reports

Find premium reports covering various supply chain management business and technology trends in Europe. Our reports disclose the latest technologies and business model innovations and detect startups driving these trends.

Startup Scanner inkl. Maturity Score

We are constantly screening, analysing and monitoring upcoming supply chain management technology companies in Europe. Our Startup Database is updated continuously to detect, scan and monitor emerging startups as well as established scaleups. Our different SCM scoring models helps to select startups for pilot projects or long-term cooperation.

Startup & Technology Scouting

Our scouting and technology reports can be tailored to your specific areas of interest and deliver exactly what you need to understand innovations and technology trends impacting your company.


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Find, Analyse and Monitor Startups & Scaleups for pilot projects and cooperations

Our detailed company profiles including our Maturity Score help you to identify startups for PoC projects or long term cooperation. We are constantly updating and extending our database to secure high quality profiles.

Detect and Understand Emerging Technology Trends and New Business Opportunities

Keep an eye on your potential future competitors or business partners. Understand potentially disruptive business and technology trends affecting your company. Don't miss out on upcoming opportunities to differentiate your product or service through innovative ideas and new technologies.

We build the most comprehensive database around supply chain startups

With the help of our startup and investor network, social media channels, active outreach campaigns and technology based scouting we are building the best startup database exclusively focussed on supply chain technology startups in Europe.

Supply Chain Enthusiasts and Startup Experts

With more than 10 years of experience in venture capital, startup operations and supply chain management we bear startup and technology scouting in our hearts and minds. Over past 10 years we have analysed thousands of startups and invested into more than 25 startups and scaleups.

Sustainability in Supply Chain

Scouting Report

Sustainability in Supply Chain

Global supply chains are critical in fighting climate change as they are one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions worldwide.

Get to know 50+ startups that help to shape more sustainable supply chains.

The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook 2021

Explore 215 detailed startup company profiles from 27 European countries helping to shape the supply chains of the future. The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook 2021 profiles 215 innovative supply chain startups from all over Europe covering more than 15 market segments.

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