Solutions For A more Sustainable e-Commerce

More and more people in Europe are shopping online. In 2021 alone, European e-commerce grew by 13 percent to 718 billion euros. At the same time, the desire for more sustainability is increasing, in a global survey, 85 percent of participants stated that they had changed their purchasing behaviour in this direction in the last five years…

Green Supply Chain: Reimagining Procurement Networks

When it comes to sustainability, a company’s responsibility doesn’t end at its own factory gates. Instead, companies also need to analyze their suppliers’ production methods and procurement channels and take them into account in their assessments. In doing so, it becomes apparent that sustainability, digitalization, and increased efficiency go hand in hand in supply chain management…

Supply Chain Risk Management & Data Quality

Everyone has supply chain data, but not everyone has the right type of data or the right quality of data, for the purpose they want. In an increasingly digitized world, the data availability and quality, are somewhat improving, but the complexity to extract the right set of data has increased.

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