Sustainability in Logistics

The exchange of goods is growing worldwide in the course of globalisation and the logistics industry is an important reason for Europe-wide prosperity. Trade and transport routes are reliably mastered and therefore also stand for global economic networking. However, logistics and transport not only cause prosperity, but also CO2. With a share of 23 percent of global CO2 emissions, the transport and logistics sector bears a special responsibility in the fight against climate change (IPCC, Working Group III Report, May 2007).

SCM-Startups Statistics of the Month: Supply Chain Management Segmentation (Part 1/2)

Today we take a closer look at our segment analysis of Supply Chain Management. When looking at all segments compared to each other, Supply Chain Visibility and Process Optimization are the most dominant topics amongst the 215 Startups that were included in The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook. While „Process Management“ in the meaning of leaner, more efficient business processes, is…

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