Startup of the month: haidi

Every month we interview a European Supply Chain Management startup to shed some light on its business, provide a platform for visibility and overall support the European Supply Chain Management startup ecosystem. This time we interviewed Romain Blaser, CEO and co-founder of Haidi, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Haidi offers an AI based supply chain planning solution.

Digital Twins in Logistics

The logistics landscape is driven by rapid technological change. Logistics players find themselves on a constant quest to optimize their operations. Digital twins – which, in short, represent a virtual replica of a physical object, process, or system – may be a game changer in this.

How Circular Economy will reshape Supply Chains

Today’s linear economy following the ‘take-make-use-dispose’ model has led to a throwaway society, where product life cycles are short, and replacement is often cheaper than reuse or repair. While recycling efforts can generate good feelings, that alone will not make a dent in the volume of non-renewable natural resources consumed and discarded.

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