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Every month we interview a European Supply Chain Management startup to shed some light on its business, provide a platform for visibility and overall support the European Supply Chain Management startup ecosystem. This time we interviewed Max Grosse Lutermann and Janis Künkler, both Co-Founders of, a re-commerce-as-a-service solution for fashion brands, headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

Company Base Data

Company Name:

No. of Employees: 20

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany


Operating Markets: Germany, Austria

Founders: Janis Künkler, Max Große Lutermann, Konrad Hosemann


Reference Customers: Dariadeh, Phyne

E-Mail Contact:

Company Name


No. of Employees



Hannover, Germany


>10M EUR

Operating Markets

Coming from the high performing German automotive market, we are constantly expanding our markets also internationally


Dr. Wolfgang Hackenberg (CEO)

Dr. Lennart Bochmann (CPO)

Tobias Gagern (CTO)


Reference Customers

VW, Connox

E-Mail Contact

Hi Max, hi Janis, it is great to have the oopportunity to learn more about today. To get into the topic could you describe for us what you’re doing at is building the digital backbone of circular retail. 

Our platform empowers brands & retailers to launch fully native, scalable take-back, resale and end-of-life solutions for their products. This way we help our partners stay relevant in a world where a linear economy can no longer exist and get access to a 130B USD market opportunity.


Wow, that’s an impressive market you’re entering! How did you come up with the idea?


We felt that buying second hand always felt way too complicated: Negotiations, uncertainty in quality, lack of description to name a few. Especially in fashion, we discovered that the whole buying and selling process needs to be much easier and more convenient for the stakeholders. So why not involve the brands, which initially sold the item and rely on their quality and processes?


That makes much sense! Who are the people behind What kind of skillset is needed to build a solution like yours?


Founded by Max, Konrad & Janis in the beginning of 2021, we now grew to a team of 20 people. With a background in marketplaces, fashion and white-label solutions, we concentrate on offering the best in class solution for brands, sellers and buyers.


Talking about brands, sellers and buyers, which specific problem does solve for its customers?


The current shift in consumer preferences is driving significant growth in the circular retail space, which is quickly becoming a core component of the consumer-brand relationship. Brands & retailers are paying attention to this giant sustainable growth opportunity, but are failing to address it by themselves due to a lack of understanding of the complex operational dynamics.


And how would you describe your core competence their, your USP?


Partnering up with brands enables us to leverage their product data & automate the majority of critical recommerce processes. Being integrated into a brand’s shop allows us to target the right customers easily, save on CAC & sell items faster. This way we can offer sellers the most convenient selling process with high payouts & buyers the CX they already know and love.


And when it comes to your ideal customers? Are there any specific requirement brands need to fulfill? And can you maybe give us a reference customer to get an even better understanding?


Our white-label solution can be integrated into any shop system, either via REST-API or one of our custom build plugins. We’re currently working with brands like PHYNE or Dariadeh.


Mandatory question these days at the end: How do the global supply chain struggles affect your business? Do you think recommerce will profit or are you facing logistics problems there as well?


We’re using what’s already in the market and no long transportation is required. Brand partners can mitigate potential challenges occurring in current times in international markets by using recommerce as a revenue stream.


Thank you both very much for this insightful interview! We’re excited about what the future holds for you1


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