The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook 2022

Explore more than 340 detailed startup company profiles from 27 European countries, helping to shape the supply chains of the future.

What's Inside The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook 2022?


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Supply Chain Management Startups
Company Profiles

The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook 2022 profiles 343 innovative supply chain startups from all over Europe covering more than 15 market segments.

supply chain management

Detailed Company Description

supply chain management


supply chain management


supply chain management

Value Proposition

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Company USP

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Reference Customers

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Contact Data

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Light Version vs. Full Version

The handbook is available in two versions. The light version comprises a more handy and compact summary of the company profiles while the full version provides the full one-page profile of each company.

Light Version


Full Version


Expert Opinions on Supply Chain Management Startups

Leading industry experts have contributed their views on various supply chain innovations for The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook 2022. Inside the handbook you will find expert opinions from these experienced supply chain professionals.

Martin Neuhold

Leader Supply Chain & Operations Europe West

Knut Alicke

Partner in McKinsey’s Stuttgart office and a leader of the European Supply Chain Management Practice

Tim Beckhoff

Solution Manager of the McKinsey Resilience Operations Center based in Munich

Jürgen Rachor

Senior Expert and Associate Partner in McKinsey’s Supply Chain Management Practice

Vera Trautwein

Expert in McKinsey’s Supply Chain Management Practice

Charlotte de Brabandt

Member of the ISM Thought Leadership Council

Martijn Lofvers

Founder and CEO, Supply Chain Media

Tanja Rosendahl

Managing Director, F-LOG Ventures

Stefan Flicke

Partner, Ingenics AG

Daniel Goldeband

Managing Director, i-flow GmbH

Sahan Abeln

Head of EV Solutions, JLL

Justus Hövelmann

Head of Strategy, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Bernhard Lembeck

Heading the organization’s Future Warehouse Department

Philipp Ruecker

VP Client Logistics Solutions, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Patric Hoffmann

Head of Schenker Ventures and Senior Vice President Ventures & Innovation, DB Schenker

Luca Graf

CEO, MS Direct AG

Alis Sindbjerg Hinrichsen

Thought Leader and Strategic Advisor, Optilon

Data Analysis

For The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook 2022 we created a detailed analysis based on the data we collected from 343 startup companies from all over Europe. Inside the handbook you will find our analysis of the European supply chain startup ecosystem covering various aspects such as founding years and funding statistics, founder and team analysis, a segmentation into 15 market segments as differences between European geographies.

Geographic Analysis

Segmentation Analysis

Founder and Team Analysis

Founding Years and Funding Statistics

Partners & Supporters

A big THANK YOU to the partners and supportes who helped building the Supply Chain Management StartUp Handbook 2022.

About Us

I spent the last eight years in the start-up / vc-ecosystem covering different roles both at an early-stage startup and being a venture capitalist. I started my career studying economics with a specialization in transport and logistics, which since then has been a topic of interest for me. For the last five years I have worked as Venture Capitalist for different VC funds investing in and supporting early-stage companies in building and growing their businesses across various industries. Supply chain management fascinates me as it touches on nearly every aspect of our economy. From organizing production to distributing goods and services across the planet. Supply chains affect millions and of jobs and is one of the key areas for creating a decarbonised, sustainable future.

Markus Börner

VC & Angel Investor

I spent the last five years of my career in different roles in Venture Capital. After finishing his studies in Economics and Business Information Systems at Leipzig University, I went on investing in b2b software startups across different industries. In my last role prior to focussing on, I was an Investment Manager at seed+speed Ventures where I found my passion for Supply Chain Management and Sustainability, investing in companies like paxly and carbonfuture. I love concepts of monitoring and improving multi-stakeholder processes and the idea of starting to build a more sustainable world not just somewhere, but right at the backbone of globalized economies: the Supply Chain.

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