Find and Analyse Disruptive Startups and Technology Trends

Detect and monitor relevant startups and scaleups from the supply chain management sector - fast and accurate with our scored startup profiles.

Find and Analyse Disruptive Startups and Technology Trends

Detect and monitor relevant startups and scaleups from the supply chain management sector - fast and accurate with our scored startup profiles.

The European startup ecosystem conistently produces new technologies and innovative business models covering the entire supply chain management sector.

Our startup scanner helps you to understand the current market dynamics, to identify and analyse new startup companies. We help you to monitor the ecosystem and stay up to date with the latest developments and trends.

Our Database

Through our data base, our existing startup and industry network as well as our active outreach campaigns we effectively and efficiently deliver high quality startup profiles. We are constantly hunting for new startups from all over Europe to grow our database. By continously monitoring the startups in our database we maintain up to date company profiles and identify relevant trends and top performers.

Supply Chain Management Startups
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Startup Profiles

Our scored startup profiles provide a fast and convenient way to identify, analyse and track promising startup companies and emerging trends in supply chain management. The SCM Maturity Score provides guidance regarding potential collaboration partners.

We deliver Startup profiles straight to your Inbox

The SCM Startups Profiles Include

Detailed Company Description

Market & Technology Segmentation

USP of The

Maturiy Score

Reference Customers



Contact Data

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Your tailormade Startup & Technology Scouting

With our individual startup scouting service we also offer a report format tailored to your specific requirements regarding focus areas, location, reporting format etc. Learn more about our Startup & Technology scouting as a service

Maturity Score

SCM Maturity Score From 1 to 5 Stars

The SCM Startups Maturity Score rates the maturity of startups and provides guidance to potential customers and other stakeholders. It combines different factors such as company age, number of employees as well as equity funding received. The SCM Startups Maturity Score is no quality rating of the company or its offering itself, but an indicator of how far the company has come and what to expect when working with the company. It is important to understand that there is no bad rating through the SCM Startups Maturity Score. A low SCM maturity score does not mean that the concept is not valid, it might just mean that the respective company is freshly founded. On the other hand a higher rating might not mean that a company has the best business model, but is an indicator that the company has been in the market for quite some time and has generated more trust by other stakeholders like investors, employees or customers.

Why Work With Us

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Find, Analyse and Monitor Startups & Scaleups for Pilot Projects and Cooperations

Our detailed company profiles including our Maturity Score help you to identify startups for PoC projects or long term cooperation. We are constantly updating and extending our database to secure high quality profiles.

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Scout for your
Innovation and Startup

With the help of our extensive database, our startup and investor network, our social media channels and our active outreach campaigns we help to increase the number of applications and secure high quality dealflow.

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Detect and Understand Emerging Technology Trends and New Business Opportunities

Keep an eye on your potential future competitors or business partners. Understand potentially disruptive business and technology trends affecting your company. Don't miss out on upcoming opportunities to differentiate your product or service through innovative ideas and new technologies.

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