Scouting Report: Sustainability in Supply Chain


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Discover Supply Chain Technology innovations that help to shape more sustainable supply chains:

  • 53 technology startups from Europe focusing on sustainability with their detailed profile
  • 3 expert opinions on how to transform your company
  • a detailed analysis of trends and technologies in sustainability

Sustainability in Supply Chain


Supply chain management has never been more in the public focus than in recent months. The Covidpandemic, the Ever Given blocking the suez and hundreds of container ships waiting to enter the port of Los Angeles put global Supply Chains under pressure and brought them to the attention of the general public. The problems in Supply Chain are manifold and there is no silver bullet to bring global Supply Chains back in sync. Labor shortages, tensions in global trade or the need for more Transparency and Sustainability will not disappear any time soon.

However, there is one thing that can help to mitigate all these challenges and can help to transform the Supply Chains of today into more digital, resilient and sustainable value chains of tomorrow and that is  Technological Innovation.

In our scouting report Sustainability in Supply Chain we provide an overview on innovative startups and how their solutions help to rebuild supply chains in a cleaner, climate neutral and hence more sustainable way.


What you will find in the report:

  • 53 Sustainability Startups with their detailed company profile, explaining their product or services as well as their UPS, target and reference customers as well the basic company data including contact details
  • 3 Distinct expert articles from seasoned industry professionals providing their view on how to transform your company to become more sustainable
  • Our detailed analysis on technologies and trends in sustainability focused startups in Supply Chain

Start to discover sustainable Supply Chain innovations with our Scouting Report: Sustainability in Supply Chain!