Control AGVs optimally using VDA 5050

Controlling automated guided vehicles is complex – and this is particularly true for holistic process optimization. A standardized interface now simplifies communication and enables the operation of heterogeneous fleets with vehicles from different manufacturers. The possibilities of the VDA 5050 standard are manifold.

Startup of the month: Sendify

Every month we interview a European Supply Chain Management startup to shed some light on its business, provide a platform for visibility and overall support the European Supply Chain Management startup ecosystem. This time we interviewed Pontus Tjernberg, Head of Business Development at Sendify, a shipping solutions provider and booking platform for SMEs, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

SCM-Startups Statistics of the Month: Supply Chain Management Segmentation (Part 1/2)

Today we take a closer look at our segment analysis of Supply Chain Management. When looking at all segments compared to each other, Supply Chain Visibility and Process Optimization are the most dominant topics amongst the 215 Startups that were included in The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook. While „Process Management“ in the meaning of leaner, more efficient business processes, is…

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